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Ocean Tracking & Iso Room specs

Dimensions:  55’ W x 37’ D x 22’ H


  • Main Iso Room: 10’ W x 18’ D x 10’ H
  •  Iso Room 2: 10’ W x 14’ D x 8’ H
  • Iso Amp Room: 9’8” W x 6’ D x 10’2” H
  • Iso Amp Room 2: 4’ W x 3’6” x 8’ H

Our tracking room is over 2,000 sq ft. of acoustic bliss! Surrounded by the original brick walls of the 1920’s and the high arch of the 22’ trusses above your head, you will be in awe of this space – there simply aren’t many rooms like this around anymore. Also housed in our tracking room are Ocean’s newly re-strung and reconditioned Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Yamaha upright, Vintage Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 122, 88 key suitcase Rhodes and Electric Wurlitzer.